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Welcome to my new Voice Over blog and THANKS for stopping by!

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The purpose of this Blog is to provide content concerning the business, creative, financing and tech areas of Voice Over.

So, why read a blog from me, when there are so many great VO talents who write on a daily basis?

–I bring a unique perspective from the business world for many years, providing professional services to physicians, their Operating Rooms and their staff.

— An understanding and experience in many topics, but love to discuss tech and marketing more than anything.

— VO is my passion and I lovediscussing all the different topics, establishing new relationships with clients & other VOs, as well as learning and teaching as much as possible.

And here are some other blogs I recommend:   J.Michael CollinsMarc ScottBill Dewees.

Please leave comments and or suggestions as to what you would like to read about. If you want to know more about me click here: About Me

Also, you can jump right to my 1st blog article right here: Becoming a VO!



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About Me

I am a Voice Over Professional, passionate about providing GREAT audio for my clients.
When not in the recording booth, I spend my time hanging with my family at the hockey rink and baseball field watching my boys kick butt!!

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