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ALWAYS save Raw Audio Files


As a Voice Over Professional, It is critical to save raw audio files before processing and sending to the client.

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Here is a scenario which happened to me early on in my career.

I got a small Explainer Video job and started to record. I normally will so some post processing with EQ & Compression.

For this particular job, which was a 3 minute explainer video, I recorded it, added processing and sent to the client.

The client was happy but wanted to process the audio files themselves.  Uh-Oh!  I didn’t save the RAW audio.

Once I saved it, there was no way to Un-Process and capture that original RAW file.  I use the waveform editor within Adobe audition, which is a ‘destructive process’ meaning that any changes to the audio file which are saved are saved for good and cant cant be reverted.

I needed to record the entire audio file again!!  Ugh!

At this point, I now had a cold and couldn’t record properly and asked the client for an extension.

Luckily, the client was understanding and I completed the job…..AGAIN.

Ok, once more, ALWAYS save your RAW audio files.

It will save you time and in addition, headaches if you do need to go back and access the original RAW file.

And as always, continue to practice and work hard and enjoy the Voice Over Profession

Here is a little more info on me and My VO Career.

All the best!  Don

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